Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Typos 20011


Sandy said...

I think I've got them:

(1) William Dean Howll's the first edition of Indian Summer. <-- The "the" should be removed.

(2) ESPN: Poems, by Scott Oleniczak, p. 92 (Harpar Collins) <-- Should be "Harper," not "Harpar."

(3)Amazing Facts amd Beyond! <-- Should be "and," not "amd."

(4) Including one (2) meta-typos. <-- Should be "(1)," not "(2)."

(5) Alas, I am but one man <-- Missing a period at the end of the sentence.

(6) "Leon, when you memorize a book, do you memorize the typos? <-- Missing quotation marks at the end of the sentence.

(7) In my reading this year* <-- There is no corresponding asterisk with a footnote.

Sandy said...

Of course, I now see that I accidentally included a typo of my own in my first post. Whoops!

Kevin H said...

Ha ha!