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Huizenga & Zettwoch Make Up “Facts” About “Leon Beyond”
“Disney was interested in bringing out “Midnight Madness” on Blu-ray, and we talked them into letting us use Leon as a character to kind of bring him back into circulation. We had already decided the strip would be called “Amazing Facts and Beyond,” so Leon Beyond was a natural fit, and their lawyers’ signed off on that. The idea was for us to act like Leon was a real guy, and so we always created this facade of that there was a real Leon Beyond and that he was writing these strips. There was some talk of Leon spinning off into new CGI movie, or a Disney Channel show, but that all fell apart once Tom Wright, the author of the novelization of “Midnight Madness,” and his lawyers got involved.”

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New Lost Mountains Strip

Here's a never before seen, LOST LEON STRIP. This one is NOT in the book! If you would like me see if I can find some more lost Leon strips, about whatever topic you might be interested in, you can donate $50 and I'll dig around in the archives and SEND YOU THE ORIGINAL ART. Look on the right hand column for the Paypal buttons.

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In Stores Now

The book is out!
Get it wherever you get books!
I will have some for sale in the Catastrophe Shop soon!

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Out very soon. Pre-order, etc.!
It will be your favorite book.

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

See Dan Z's blog for a process post on drawing this awesome cover.

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The Book

Uncivilized Books have acquired world rights to the book collection AMAZING FACTS…AND BEYOND! WITH LEON BEYOND by cartoonists Kevin Huizenga and Dan Zettwoch, it was announced by Tom Kascyinski, publisher at Uncivilized Books. To be released in Winter 2014, AMAZING FACTS…AND BEYOND! WITH LEON BEYOND collects over 200 of the weekly trivia-based comic strip, and will also include extra adventures and an alphabetized Beyondex™ for easy reference.

”Leon Beyond is one of those guys who has a 'Did You Know?' for every occasion,” said Kaszyinski, ”and usually it is something that I did not know, even though I am well-educated and have read fairly widely.”

Yes, these are the famous “lost” Leon Beyond strips. Recently unearthed in a warehouse basement in St. Louis, Missouri, these comic strips are very rare and have been barely seen anywhere before. A traveling exhibition, organized by Todd Hignite, will accompany publication, and could appear in New York, Saint Louis, Los Angeles, and the Angouleme Museum des Bandes Dessines.

Fact Sheet:
• ”lost strips” of Amazing Facts and Beyond! with Leon Beyond
• over 200 pages
• weekly trivia-based comic strips contained amazing facts on different topics like: dinosaurs, cars, watches, Stonehenge.
• activity pages for kids and book clubs
• large index for easy reference

Because of the questionable and offensive material contained in these ”censored” strips, authors Dan Zettwoch and Kevin Huizenga have asked that their names be removed from the project. In conjunction, Leon Beyond will also appear on “collectable merchandise,” sure to be great gift ideas, and a “documentary film” to be released in Spring 2016.

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Over at the Catastrophe Shop, all AMAZING FACTS AND BEYOND Collections have been marked down from $5 to $3 each! That's all 5 for just $15! For a Limited Time!* ACT NOW. We're into our 5th year now on this strip, and all of them have been uploaded FREE to the Leon Beyond Blog. The collections contain extras like behind the scenes Introductions and useful "Beyondexes" for cross-referencing. The first and fourth collections have screen-printed covers.


Each one has its peculiar charms! 

Tell a friend!

*but probably for a while

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with help from Dan Z.

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